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  • Chrispy

    I think that's my favourite video you've done 😁

  • Buff Bobcat
    Buff Bobcat

    Lambo Gallardo Drag race please

  • Nora Badaruddin
    Nora Badaruddin

    Do you know all world cars can’t never them. Thats car name devel sixteen

  • Pavlos 4
    Pavlos 4

    Still waiting for Spyros Panopoulos Automotive to release Chaos...

  • Bennett Ezeobi
    Bennett Ezeobi

    6:48 Out of context... Bruh

  • Kena Fryer
    Kena Fryer


  • nat _navigator
    nat _navigator

    *Guess 2030 Cars HP below*

  • Laurentius Bintang
    Laurentius Bintang

    GTR owners: haha, cute numbers

  • Luzuko Ntloko
    Luzuko Ntloko

    The british guy explaining why he made the british car the most powerful car.

  • The Crypto Life
    The Crypto Life


  • John Wick
    John Wick

    I will build 5000 HP car to get on this list

  • Victor Conceicao
    Victor Conceicao

    Me watching this while my car can only make 98 HP

  • John-Murray Hofmeyr
    John-Murray Hofmeyr

    DONT rev cars so they bounce of the rev limiter......its proper yobbo!!

  • Anu Micky
    Anu Micky

    You can do a video of most powerful tuned car in the world from 20 brands

  • ibrahim Almir
    ibrahim Almir

    slr vs a45s amg <3

  • D Wade
    D Wade

    Why did you say since rimac is an EV, environmentalists dont need to get mad ? Lol it has a big ass battery and even mate rimac said eating less meat is better for the planet than driving an EV

  • aditya vispute
    aditya vispute

    Eagerly Waiting for your tesla plad to arrive


    Mat you better start a vloging channel

  • Tubasü

    Lambo guys would say:"my twin turbo Huracán has 5000 horses in the back, bring it on."

  • Spencer Petrini
    Spencer Petrini

    Its a much smaller price gap then I imagined though

  • Αλέξανδρος GR
    Αλέξανδρος GR

    Rimac nevera!


    Become a car show presenter they said. You get to drive fancy cars in exotic locations they said. Matt: "I almost wet myself!"

  • Tacky-Wackyツ

    Is it me or does Mat look like Ayrton Senna ?

  • Alex Daskalopoulos
    Alex Daskalopoulos

    2000 horsepower is not bigger than 2000 horsepower! So the lotus is not first

  • Gurnoor singh
    Gurnoor singh

    Muscle car guy will be like my dodge and mustang has 1000 or 2000 horse power 😂

  • Dave D'Video Maker
    Dave D'Video Maker

    I say Rimac as Римац. I do not speak Russian; this Cyrillic script indicates the pronunciation of the company.

  • erique mwera
    erique mwera

    Hahaha Mat, this is the funniest and most amazing drag you have ever done. I can't stop laughing.. You guys are comedians

  • Tejas Hage
    Tejas Hage

    What happened to the devil sixteen with 5000hp.

  • andydurbs

    90’s hot hatch drag race please including the ek9 😊

  • Jorge Pantoja
    Jorge Pantoja

    I literally open YT everyday looking for the new video. Very active channel 🔥

  • Pranav j Kumar
    Pranav j Kumar

    You missed Pininfarina which made 1900hp before rimac

  • ReaperzX69

    Supra: 'That's Cute"

  • jon mayhew
    jon mayhew

    The editor of these videos doesn't get enough credit. I APPRECIATE YOU BRUH🙌

  • Spencer Petrini
    Spencer Petrini

    TESLA WILL WIN, but I like Porsche more

  • Leruo Ledwaba
    Leruo Ledwaba

    Mate make a race between BMW 335i 55 vs M2

  • Science Facts
    Science Facts


  • Spencer Petrini
    Spencer Petrini my mom ordered the Tesla Model S, but it's not coming until September due to delays. I and my mother were searching cars when we found the Taycan, which was cheaper (with options) better looking, and had a better interior. The range was solid and the only reason my mom WOULDN'T get the Porsche is that (no offense mom if you are reading this) but she procrastinates, so she probably won't get it

  • Djodjo Rider
    Djodjo Rider

    Well, I'm not living in the UK so I can't see Mat's choice ??? What a shame !

  • Jojo Joestar
    Jojo Joestar

    Do one on the highest torque on road car

  • Himesh Ranasinghe
    Himesh Ranasinghe

    R34 Vs MK4 tuned drag race

  • Random41

    The Corvette had about 380 hp Don't compare gross and net power output.

  • Muppet Keeper
    Muppet Keeper

    This video proves what someone more intelligent than me has said, there isn’t range anxiety any longer, it’s charger anxiety now. If we know that there will be an available, working, high power charger at regular intervals, we have this all sorted.

  • Om Dahake
    Om Dahake

    Mat you filmed all these video at once right ?

  • Martin Riesco
    Martin Riesco

    Cant wrap my head around the fact there are cars with a 1000 plus hp out there while im driving mi 150hp diesel golf

  • See You In Mist
    See You In Mist

    I drove the Enyaq - pretty carefully and not quickly - everybody felt queasy. Why is this?

  • csabee kov
    csabee kov

    I’m happy because in around 20 years I’ll Be able to afford one of these ☺️

  • Tamberlox

    Funny how it took this many decades for ICE cars to have that much horsepower yet serious supercar EVs that have only started appearing in the last 4 years have already passed them lol

  • SAlaaitie

    hate electric cars

  • Roland Ong
    Roland Ong

    But still, aspark owl is the most powerful car in the world.

  • Thembakako Kafuwa
    Thembakako Kafuwa

    feels good to be first to view

  • Bryan Devmith
    Bryan Devmith


  • Nanner Puddin
    Nanner Puddin

    Someone take him a 2011 Chrysler 200S. Talk about speed...handling...reliability...cough

  • Md. Moniruzzaman
    Md. Moniruzzaman

    Mat where is devel sixteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑😑😑😐😑

  • Double V8
    Double V8

    Ok Mat we are doing progress here you use liters and Newton meters but now let’s use kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour. What do you think? 😋

  • ME10920

    Are these videos just for your youtube algorithm

  • darkskull


  • JDbroker1

    This car has more power in one wheel than 90% of cars on the road!? Ridiculous!!

  • Mr.Scobbles

    Hello madsin ididnote like this movie. Itwas merely confusing even though idid unnerstand it idid thing what is this all about? Please do somethink else suchwhat assuch a drug race or somesuch please. Thanks&Bless.

  • Radhit 1316
    Radhit 1316

    *Jdm guys be like: "My Supra and GTR has 3000 hp!!!!"*

    • HyP3R B34ST
      HyP3R B34ST


    • Cecil Asher Damons
      Cecil Asher Damons

      @asifa muneer that cool

    • Introgamer14

      You mean the Honda Supra R34 Z-Tune?

    • 50 Million
      50 Million

      @asifa muneer can you give me some money kind sir?

    • asifa muneer
      asifa muneer

      I have a Lambo not supra

  • Xi Jinping
    Xi Jinping

    Power to weight ratio matters more.

  • Shard Phoenix
    Shard Phoenix

    I’m missing the Original Mclaren F1 production car. It thought it was the first car getting 100PK from per 1L engine.

  • Mr Wolt
    Mr Wolt

    Actually Matt, the Jaguar F Type has 5000 HP, Jason Statham said so in The Fate Of The Furious

    • Nuri Marak
      Nuri Marak


  • Gogos Sak
    Gogos Sak

    Chaos by spyros panopoulos?

  • lekhraj dhamu
    lekhraj dhamu

    What about Pininfarina Batista you haven't mentioned it

  • Philip Ochotnicki
    Philip Ochotnicki

    what the point with horse power when u want speed btw i said that because i don,t like electric hypercars so i like Bugatti

  • Marco Cerqueira
    Marco Cerqueira

    "Poney" . . . .

  • Vaseem Akram Vadhooth
    Vaseem Akram Vadhooth

    What about the devel sixteen?🤔

  • teşkar adam
    teşkar adam

    m5 sound is the best one 100 procent surely

  • xxBlackpspxx

    You forgot devel sixteen

  • StarBoy

    These Horsepower numbers are getting huge now we have to change the Horses to some stronger animals such as ElephantPower 🐘 2EP=2000HP 🤓

  • kjv moniswerran
    kjv moniswerran

    Devel sixteen with 5000hp ?

  • Logic N. Reasoning
    Logic N. Reasoning

    I'm so thankful that Matt is showing me what to look at in the thumbnail.

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa

    But what about the Devel Sixteen? 3000-5000hp

  • Nebojsa Rasic
    Nebojsa Rasic

    It isn't spelled "Rimac" as /rimak/, it is /rimats/ as in parts.


    Still less than my Maruti 800..😌

  • 1999 Prince
    1999 Prince

    In these HP we don't have roads to drive

  • Akhil J
    Akhil J

    Steam engine cars : -_-

  • gakaki gakaki
    gakaki gakaki

    when to test tesla model s plaid drag race?!

  • 123okubo

    great job guys! a collab next?

  • Kyle Holloway
    Kyle Holloway

    What happened to the Keonigsegg Agera One-1? It produced more power than the Regera on the E-85 Biofuel, about 1700hp