Mercedes-AMG E63 2021 review - destroying tyres and kidnapping puppies!?!
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This is the updated Mercedes-AMG E63 S, and Mat’s here to find out if the range-topping E-Class has what it takes to compete with the BMW M5 Competition \u0026 Audi RS6!

As you’d expect from this ultra-sporty saloon, there are a number of exterior design features to be found, from a boot lid spoiler and quad-exhaust tips through to a redesigned front bumper which houses a whole host of vents!

All of the upgrades aren’t visible in plain sight, however! There are a number of chassis upgrades over the standard E-Class, from sporty air suspension \u0026 adaptive dampers through to dynamic engine mounts and upgraded brakes.

And of course, hiding under the bonnet is the thing that makes the AMG E63 so special - the engine! It’s a 4-litre twin-turbo V8, which in the standard E63 can put down 571hp and 750Nm of torque. However, if you choose the range-topping S edition, it’ll deliver a glorious 612hp and 850Nm!

So, what do you guys think, is the E63 a superior car to the M5? And more importantly, is it worth the £99,000 starting price?! Let us know in the comments!

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  • carwow

    Mercedes-AMG E63 S v BMW M5 Competition v Audi RS6... Which are you choosing?

    • ARJUN

      Always best is BMW group 🤗🤗

    • k sturmer
      k sturmer

      Astramax 1.3 CDTi. Well, what's the point? Even Volvo restrict their cars to 112 mph?!! LOL! My van does that, with the dog in the back! :)

    • Dumile Muhle Gcabashe
      Dumile Muhle Gcabashe

      M5 C

    • Sumit Mittal
      Sumit Mittal

      @alect If I'm young, BMW If I get old, Mercedes. I don't like Aüdí, I don't hate them. I just they are not as lux as merc and as perf as bmw.

    • Sameer Ashraf
      Sameer Ashraf

      BMW M5 competition

  • Olli H.
    Olli H.

    07:07 same as the Audi....okay it seems to be normal.🤣🤣🤨

  • Dan

    This thing will destroy the rs6 !!!

  • yinhoe chop
    yinhoe chop


  • Sur Nate
    Sur Nate


  • mena seven
    mena seven

    Beautiful and powerful Mercedes AMG E63, cute French bulldog.

  • coolman9i6

    This is the best car

  • Marius Baciu Marinel
    Marius Baciu Marinel


  • Kane Zhao
    Kane Zhao


  • Roberto Montanelli
    Roberto Montanelli

    It's hard to believe when I saw my test results turned negative of HSV2 after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. IGUDIA a great doctor who I came across on ILcomp

  • Samson Chan
    Samson Chan

    Taking a page off Nick Murray 😄

  • Philippe Atangana
    Philippe Atangana

    I thought one moment that you were gonna review the dog.

  • fuax hzu
    fuax hzu

    The panicky trade peroperatively yell because margin accidentally juggle mid a quiet hand. caring, gabby brick

  • nik stoun
    nik stoun

  • 𐑳𐑑𐑪𐑱𐑬𐑾

    The only thing aggressive about it is the engine, apart from that it looks like a teenage AMG GT 4 door, the older look is 100% more aggressive and aesthetic overall, cannot stop thinking about how much it looks like a transgender CLS, pathetic!!

  • R K
    R K

    At 1.52 when u show the rear spoiler, is it me or that looks like a very poor glue on jobbie

  • Dane Whaley
    Dane Whaley

    Have an older one… a lot better than an M5

  • Johnd D
    Johnd D

    Dat front fucking sucks mercedes is nothing compared to bmw

  • chronologicist

    Alpina B5! A saloon is no use for me in this class of vehicle. Hopefully BMW will follow the M3 Touring with an M5, assuming there will be a next gen M5!

  • chronologicist

    ''Radiator, Radiator, Radiator...'' that was as scarily close to an Alan Partridge moment as you should ever go! No Lexus review then...!!

  • Lee M
    Lee M

    The wheels are naff!

  • BernTtosTe

    The guy who made the car was Virujan K. Suparan

  • Bartosz Piwowarczyk
    Bartosz Piwowarczyk

    Screw Mercedes. They don't respect warranties.

  • Waka Maka
    Waka Maka

    I would like Mercs new cars to go retro in design but the way the Toyota Century 2020 did it. Sleek and quiet with attention to detail. I can't wait for an e-class with dual headlamps again

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    That fact that a e55 amg with a tune and pulley can keep up with this car just shows how incredible the m113k engine was

  • D.

    The pre-facelift was so much better looking.

  • Spooky and Rhubarb
    Spooky and Rhubarb

    You didn't finish telling me how I can get the dog.

  • consumer streams
    consumer streams

    You should make time stamps it will be convenient for us

  • A A
    A A

    You’ll like anything Mercedes does, because you’re a slave to this company as well as others. Seriously the top level E class with no seat ventilation!

  • Deadteam Jako
    Deadteam Jako

    Hi I'm Matt Watson give me your fucking dog lad

  • assic music
    assic music

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown

    I like your new co-presenter Matt!

  • MTB Scotland
    MTB Scotland

    french bull dogs are pointless hugely overpriced fashion accessories

  • John Magar
    John Magar

    Dein Deutscher akzent ist werden besser und besser, Ya!

  • Ntsako Happy
    Ntsako Happy

    We want to see this C36s vs the M5 CS competition

  • 付宇辰

    No worry you can’t buy it… it eventually will be a four or three cylinder plus electric motors or full electric in less a decade…lol…

  • Bretislav Elias
    Bretislav Elias

    Is it just me? Or new E class looks from behind like older audi:D?

  • Ricardo Freitas
    Ricardo Freitas

    love the German accents :D

  • Aces H
    Aces H

    Just bought one fucking AWSOME CAR!

  • Calin Balan
    Calin Balan

    It looks less mad than the last version.

  • Marcelo Velarde
    Marcelo Velarde

    IS weird because the new mercedez line looks like a killer whale... but i could buy it any way.. If I was millionare pornstar like dillion harper

  • Oussama Haddadi
    Oussama Haddadi

    2021 still fake exhausts 😪

  • Murdo Gordon
    Murdo Gordon

    I think Boomer is a professional dog actor. I could have sworn that I've seen him in other carwow videos. I'm not even sure if Boomer is his real name!

  • Mostlycloudy

    Anyone knows where Mat is testing his cars? Looks like a private track !

    • Delph Peter
      Delph Peter

      On how to make up your Investment

  • Free Copyright Sounds
    Free Copyright Sounds

    Can you remove the soft limiter?

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    Isaak Bane

    Why don’t you ever do a Lamborghini review?

    • Delph Peter
      Delph Peter

      On how to make up your Investment

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    Mat Watson review 6th generation Chevrolet Camaroz ZL1

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    This bastard has really aged

  • scaredyet

    Looks like shit

  • Dillan Young
    Dillan Young

    15:19 was so clean

  • Marvin

    Rims are terrible

  • Rama Khan
    Rama Khan

    Нихуя не понял но очень интересно!😅

  • Locky

    Mat mentioned how big the E class is and it certainly looks it but actually it’s only 23cm longer and 5cm wider - but what a great car !

  • Eric T
    Eric T

    my dream car dammit

  • NawReal Madrid
    NawReal Madrid

    I have Mercedes E200

  • Ian Bloomfield
    Ian Bloomfield

    Dog wow

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed

    2:29 So Pheobe was right..there is a philangee

  • Nazrul Asyraf
    Nazrul Asyraf

    Ahh I loves the nitpicking in 5 annoying things

  • Lone Techie
    Lone Techie

    yo, please accept my request. Bring carwow services to India. Wanna enjoy discounts that you offer on every car. Please!!!

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    Simon Miller

    Should have called it BowWowWow

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    Keven Antoine

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  • Pro God Gamer
    Pro God Gamer

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    abdelrahman ashraf

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    Tomas Agentavicius

    First 5 min filmed Sopwith Way,Battersea

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    videos with lowkey

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    Vid Petelin

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  • Hzrd FFA
    Hzrd FFA

    So what’s a good AMG year to get full exhaust noise

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    Kristian Ludvigsen

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    Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son


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    Brandon Tinotenda Nyanzara

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  • eisai vlakas
    eisai vlakas

    The e class looks boring for 100.000 pounds.

  • Broke Guy
    Broke Guy

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  • Super XR
    Super XR

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  • Dear Ruks
    Dear Ruks

    Love this!!

  • Italo M
    Italo M

    Carwow, can you please also include 0-100km times for your fans in Australia!

  • Emmanuel David
    Emmanuel David

    Nice review as always matt.

  • Suva City
    Suva City

    "God that's sooooo Audi"

  • TPigg

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    Go ahead and buy it with what?

  • Hristian Todorov
    Hristian Todorov

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  • Bolerophon

    Why this BORING gray color I don't get it

  • Gabber373

    Must feel slow after driving the Rimac :-P

  • Mate Živković
    Mate Živković

    new rear lights looks cheap, poor design

  • Carlos Linares
    Carlos Linares

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  • Ted Tipping
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