Cupra Leon 2021 review - better than a Golf GTI Clubsport?!
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This is the Cupra Leon! It's effectively a Spanish version of the VW Golf GTI, and Mat's on hand to see if this 'hot' Leon can compete with its German counterpart!

Well for starters, there’s no denying that it looks the part. With sportier bumpers at both the front and the part, the Cupra Leon looks much more aggressive than the regular Leon (even if the bumper comes fitted with a number of fake vents 😳). It also comes equipped with a number of chassis and brake upgrades, naturally.

As for performance, well there are three engines available to choose from. Top-of-the-range is the 300 (which we have here in this review) which is a 2-litre turbo petrol that’ll deliver 300hp and 400Nm of torque.

And of course, given it's a ‘hot’ version of the Leon, you also get a number of interior design updates, along with Cupra badges throughout. The question is, should you really pay upwards of £32,000 for one? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Price
01:16 Exterior Design
03:07 Chassis
03:56 Brakes
05:05 Engines
05:34 Interior
06:58 Back Seats
07:22 Boot
07:59 Five Annoying Features
09:33 Five Cool Features
11:33 Driving
14:18 0-60mph
15:15 Verdict

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  • carwow

    2:40 The long-awaited return of the carwow stick of truth 🙌 Have we missed it!?

    • Rover Waters
      Rover Waters

      does your dad own carwow?

    • PhantomzLUL

      @Kristiāns Ozoliņš sounds like a car my re teacher makes😂

    • Haider Hassan
      Haider Hassan

      We want Buggati

    • Fr Benoy
      Fr Benoy

      Missed it 😉

    • God DeMuro
      God DeMuro

      Favorite part of the video after the annoying features part

  • eUK95

    2:46 "what are you doing, step stick?"

  • Perry Beaugie
    Perry Beaugie

    How can you charge so much for a bob standard hatchback not for me at that price


    How many times does mat mention his sponsor VW golf GTi.So boring and predictable. Also how noisy is it?

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan

    This car just mixes some vw parts

  • Hulda Lucien
    Hulda Lucien

    The bright squirrel rarely reply because philippines usually search an a numberless ease. hallowed, boundless snowboarding

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    siddhant khandelwal

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    Александер Александер

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  • N T
    N T

    I just watched your gti vs 128ti video. In the wet the stopped at 47m and 48m respectively. So 45m in the wet is actually very good.

  • Foster Koranteng
    Foster Koranteng

    Sad we don’t get this car in Australia

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    Only reason I would buy this is the colour, but at the end of the day you can get any car that colour

  • Kristoffer Syverstuen
    Kristoffer Syverstuen

    Looks like a Volvo

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    thats what happend when you use a touchscreen with wet fingers ahahha

  • Leah Marshall
    Leah Marshall

    Please tell me someone else noticed the Minecraft zombie sound at 01:26 😆

  • Antonio Manuel Martin De la Nuez
    Antonio Manuel Martin De la Nuez

    Se ve que no le gusta el coche. Un poco de pitorreo veo por su parte.

  • رایان قربانی
    رایان قربانی

    VW golf 8 = 💩 peugeot 308 = 🙂 Cupra leon = 👑

  • RuiD

    Love the copper

  • Crave Leaks
    Crave Leaks

    Cupra Leon looks amazing.

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray

    The fact he described Bridgestones as grippy, whilst not being ironic, is crazy. Think Bridgestones are the worst tyres for road cars going. Literally anything is better. Even budget Uniroyals are better

  • Boothy HD
    Boothy HD

    Unique styling and something a bit different. Very good performance too, I’d get one if I was looking for a hot hatch.

  • TheOld PCGamer77
    TheOld PCGamer77

    Did your clothes shrink in the wash 😂😂🤣🤣.

  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters

    romanian g psy like copper very much

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    Jonathan Castro

    The color is amazing

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    Sélim Nasr

    Say-at Lay-on

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    Thomas Garbutt

    Is there any chance of you doing a review of a A6 all road and see if it’s actually any good in some “off road” conditions?

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    This car reminds me of an Audi/Mazda cross breed

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    Tz 6

    Lame looking car though. Just bland and dull.

  • Mpamphs Tripokaridos
    Mpamphs Tripokaridos

    It looks like Hyundai

  • David Boyes
    David Boyes

    What on earth is a Cupra? £31,500 for a car brand I never knew existed? Don’t think I’ll bother. By the way, it’s filthy.

  • Will Goodwin
    Will Goodwin

    Estate please!

  • Demetri286

    It's unfortunate that we can't get these cars in the US without paying a fortune to import and modify them to meet federal regulations.

  • Liam Darling
    Liam Darling

    Exhaust sounds so shit 😖😩

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith

    Why does he continually go on abiut slipping off those pedals? Absolutely nothing wrong with them, u could do what he's doing on any pedals

  • tom bez
    tom bez

    Golf is just Golf and nobody can change that, even with v12 engine on back seats still same boring Golf ,just faster imho.

  • Eben Swanepoel
    Eben Swanepoel

    Matt you getting a bit grey on top, whats going on old chap.

  • NubletPie278

    5:48 hi Alan Partridge

  • marc

    Je suis au volant de ma Megane RS 300HP! j'aime cette vidéo mais je ne connais pas cette caisse VAG! et en Espagne, il n'y a pas de Cupra! WTF... Merci pour la vidéo.

  • itwasntme

    Heap of 💩

  • 80's Tech and reselling
    80's Tech and reselling

    It does looks a lot better than the new golf, but so does a rotten banana smashed into a wall.

  • Corrado Ferrario
    Corrado Ferrario

    Troppe parole ...vogliamo sentire il sound del motore

  • steve guest
    steve guest

    Great car but you will park it in a car park come back and it will be gone like my Audi sports never been seen again.

  • Module 79L
    Module 79L

    1:28 - No, it's not. Copper in Spanish is "cobre" and its colour has the same name. 5:51 - That awkward moment when Mat realised that Copacabana is south of Havana... xD

  • Martin Ivanov
    Martin Ivanov

    ugly af. id rather buy the yaris gr/type r or any japanese for a bit more or same and have a really good and unique car than a cheap generic german car with trash interior and meh exterior

  • t Lim
    t Lim

    CarWow reviews are always better without the clowning.

  • suu woo
    suu woo

    I wish this was available in the U.S

  • cenko m
    cenko m

    Audi S8 2017.... 3.1 secs 0-100.

  • max3d0ut1

    5:07 Mat's reaction to a 1.4 engine ahaha

  • Tahsin Faiyaz
    Tahsin Faiyaz

    Hi americans, thts what u get for jst buying suvs, u only get a nasty golf and none of the good shit.

  • Adem Karamusa
    Adem Karamusa

    Old one was better looking

  • Andrew Shipley
    Andrew Shipley

    …..£37k for a Seat!….the copper looks cheap as if someone has touched up parts of the car with a copper highlighter pen from WH Smith’s It will lose money quicker than it accelerates from 0-60!

  • Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
    Lord Refrigerator Intercooler

    Issus 37k, you can get a good EV for that money...

  • tryder

    How do you do this ?

  • alex Freakie
    alex Freakie

    looks like Elantra

  • fernandorat

    Awesome color!

  • Indi vidudumm
    Indi vidudumm

    Beautiful car!

  • D J
    D J

    They’ve both got the same utterly shite infortainment software

  • under90seconds

    14:57 You deserve like for this

  • KaizerSoze86

    I've got 280 version for over 7 years now and I think that this new shape is really bad. Pedals are the same as mine and the engine cover looks so cheap. Maybe in few years I'll start to like it but for now it's not impressive at all. Car without balls. The new ibiza fr looks better than this car.

  • Ben Haworth
    Ben Haworth

    Lol the 140i has the same sort of set up for the front vents like this cupra

  • Ben Haworth
    Ben Haworth

    Mats girlfriend: “Right, we’re going over to my parents for tea tonight.” Mat: “Help me Carwow”

  • GDV373

    Can you please review the cupra leon e hybrid vs the golf gte pleases!!

  • Kcuf elgoog
    Kcuf elgoog

    Love the styling but it's far too expensive

  • Hemuli5454

    Those vents for radiators are huuuge but no protective meshes for the radiators. At least BMW made those for the new M3.

  • SmokyBarret

    Yeah I was not impressed by the infotainment system too. I just prefer hard buttons for practicality, you can adjust the volume without looking once you have the button 😆

  • Martin Peeters
    Martin Peeters

    Touchscreen didn't react very well at 3:35 cause you were touching it with your hand on top (you can notice if you pay attention to the top of the touchscreen)

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    it looks like shit

  • TCarsHD

    Top Cupra

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    Baituc Ovidiu

    On 3:35,the display wasn't working properly because you was touching 2 buttons at same time ...just saying

  • Joshua Newton-Key
    Joshua Newton-Key

    That is the most dopesterino color combo for a car I've ever seen it looks like a wrap job from yianni but it is apparently not that is very nice and sweet and cool and I would like to lick it

  • Ronaldo

    This color is beautiful. Also the start button on the well is something very nice that i've never seen. I like it.

    • Chris

      And both not available in the uk unfortunately neither are the wheels 😒

  • dxbmick

    What's with the generic "no-names" engine cover. Bit sad really

  • Elva White
    Elva White

    The scientific garlic weekly fill because possibility recently zip below a brainy particle. silky, fat faulty target

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    The way Matt said Laaauanch it with the hand gesture XD XD XD

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    Tomi Loger

    Automatic only... no thanx!

  • Petar Nedyalkov
    Petar Nedyalkov

    That’s how a hot hatch should look like

  • Dan Brunsdon
    Dan Brunsdon

    Matt, why did you say "AVOID" the hybrid? I'm quite interested in the hybrid as an A250e alternative. What is wrong with it? Cheers

  • Dawid Bartman
    Dawid Bartman

    Did you you just say Odbyt ?? MUAHAHHAAHHA10:47

  • Jacques Moolman
    Jacques Moolman

    Please do a dry weather race with the Cupra and the other hot hatches??????

  • Przemysław Ciszewski
    Przemysław Ciszewski

    Cześć Matt :-) You made my day, mate!! All best for You from Poland :-)

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    Please review new Hyundai I30N with Dct gearbox

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    Gert-Jan De Cocker

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    A K

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    His Lordship

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    ameer qamhia

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    11:41 mat does look like bill gates 😂

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  • All Time Auto Reviews
    All Time Auto Reviews

    tbh kinda looks like the mazda 3

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    Jia Liu

    Good car until you visited the SEAT service

  • Charlie Gross
    Charlie Gross

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  • Mark

    They've done such a good job with the design of this. Matte blue with copper is 😍

  • Grey man
    Grey man

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    Ori Hefzi

    Finally, a review on this amazing car

  • Simon Gibbs
    Simon Gibbs

    Why should we bother even looking at this if they can't be bothered to provide a right hand drive car for you to review?

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    Bartosz Olaf Drozdowski

    Cześć. Poland sends likes and subs. Nice car.

  • regoat

    Cześć Mat 🤣😊

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    Canal Oval

    Is it me or Mat is dropping the "T" sound more nowadays?

  • Michał Zaręba
    Michał Zaręba


Guess the sound challenge🎵 #shorts
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Guess the sound challenge🎵 #shorts
155 מיליון